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One Family Update: June 2019

Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti!  Businesses, schools, and public transportation were shut down on Monday and Tuesday due to a worker strike, only to be followed by a protest on Thursday, which is planned to continue on Friday.  The protests renewed when government auditors released further evidence of large-scale corruption, and turned violent with clashes against police and gunfire in the streets.  As before, strikers and protesters are calling for the resignation of Haiti’s president. 

Even as this storm rages in Haiti, God is continuing to work throughout the island.  Pastor Kesnel and others from One Family in Haiti recently spent a week with the One Family Church in the Dominican Republic to encourage them.  This is one of the many newer One Family churches.  

On the week before they left for the Dominican Republic, Pastor Kesnel performed ten water baptisms and three weddings!  Weddings often follow baptisms as newly saved Christians that have been living together for years choose to be married and to raise their children as a couple.  God is continuing to execute His plan in Haiti.

Please pray for peace and safety for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  We should also pray for Haiti’s leaders, that they will do whatever is needed to halt corruption, restore order, and regain the trust of the people.  Most importantly, pray that God will continue the mighty work He is doing in Haiti, as His church continues to grow and many continue to be saved!

– Tony Marshall

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