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Feeding the Sick with All In One

When visiting All In One in January of this year, I sat down with Pastor Kesnel and the elders for a bite to eat on Sunday after the service. They served chicken and rice, and I commented that it was quite good. Pastor Kesnel said that he was glad I thought so, as this was the food they were taking to the poor that afternoon. Despite the fact that much of the congregation has significant needs themselves, the church at All In One does everything they can for their local community, including helping those in need. They collect money for the poor every week, and as soon as they have enough to feed a group they prepare a large amount of food and take it to the local hospital (where many of the sick are not fed), the mental institution, and other places where there are many in need.

On this particular week, they were taking food to a mental institution. Like many facilities in Haiti, the institution was mostly outdoors with a few buildings to sleep in and a wall around the property. Food was served through a window from inside a small building to allow the workers to prepare and hand out plates. The people crowded around us a bit, but were harmless (though admittedly a bit unnerving). I was most surprised to see children in the institution. It appears that they were there with their parents. The need there was staggering – like one of the poorest orphanages I have seen, but filled with adults. Some of them followed us as we walked to the gate to leave, and one man yelled to me through the gate (in English) that he had been saved, and held up a ragged little Bible that no longer had a front cover, and was likely missing a number of pages. I said, “God bless you” as we left. If I return there, I would like to bring him a new Bible.

– Tony Marshall

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