Westbrooke Church


The Westbrooke Library is ready to register “patrons” who would like to check out books and DVD’s. There are over 700 items ready for your enjoyment!

Everything can be checked out for two weeks except reference materials and a reserved section for small group leaders. Each person/family will be given a three digit number that would speed your check out – check in process if you wish. Families will be assigned one or two numbers depending on your preference since if there is a need to contact you about a delinquent book we would believe you would want us to contact the adult. We will begin checking out items in two weeks. To check out an item, you come in between 10-10:30, use the scanner to bring the book up in the data base and follow the easy directions.

To register: either stop by on Sunday between 10 and 10:30 and enter your information in the computer in the library or send it now to library@westbrookechurch.org and the volunteers will enter it for you and send you your id 3 digit number.

Information needed:
Last name, first name, e-mail address, address, telephone, cell, names of children or youth who will check out under this same number. If you would include each child’s grade level that would help us in decision making about adding age appropriate new books. (If you are a small group leader please indicate that so you will have clearance to check out those restricted group materials)


Service Times

Please Join us on Sunday Mornings
Sunday School: 9:00am
Main Service: 10:30am

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