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We would love to have you join us!  This is the perfect follow-up to last January’s “Bible Alive” seminar!


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Friday Night, September 27th, 7-10 p.m.
Saturday Morning, September 28th, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Westbrooke Church
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About Doug Greenwold

Doug Greenwold is senior teaching fellow at Preserving Bible Times, a ministry dedicated to preserving and presenting biblical truth through contextual restoration, where he teaches the Bible in conference, retreat, and workshop settings for church and parachurch ministries. In 1988, Greenwold visited Israel on a study program and realized the importance of integrating the context of the land with the biblical texts. Since then he has been an avid student and passionate teacher of the Bible in its true context.


Making Disciples Jesus’ Way is a course for disciples and discipling practitioners. Its purpose is to challenge and provoke our contemporary Western discipleship and spiritual formation paradigms by providing the contextual backdrop of what it meant to “make disciples” in the Gospels. Then it asks, “What are we doing, why are we doing it that way, and what fruit are we getting—or not getting?” The thesis of the presentation is that when we reconnect with the “make disciples” contextual presuppositions in the Gospels, we can more clearly see the “missing ingredients” in discipleship today.

This study course revisits the Gospel record through the lens of first-century context. In developing its themes, the content expands our contextual understanding of Pharisaism, observant Judaism, the Kingdom of God, the Covenants, the competing worldviews of the first century, and related subjects, making it a very helpful contextual backdrop for anyone wishing to understand the issues of the Gospels more deeply.

The study develops four missing perspectives in our Western approach to disciple-making, three patterns of Jesus that seem to be missing in our contemporary discipling methodologies, and two oft-missed pieces essential for the fruitful making of disciples. Making Disciples Jesus’ Way is ideal for leadership development, discipleship training, small groups, new-member orientation, and adult education classes.

Rediscover the Bible writers’ intended approach to studying the Word of God with the course Making Disciples Jesus’ Way.

Key Features

– Contextually restores Bible narratives
– Discusses specific passage’s in relation to Who God is and how He does things
– Encourages deeper personal study to find God’s truth and wisdom

Praise for the Print Edition

“Doug Greenwold’s book is a long-overdue clarification of what ‘making disciples’ is all about. Read, chew, reread, and rechew this book. It will be a ‘life-changer.”
Chuck Miller, trainer, Barnabas, Inc.
“I always benefit from Doug Greenwold’s teaching and writing. He brings fresh, previously ignored insight; but more importantly, Doug opens up the first-century world and thus the Scriptures take on greater meaning and power.”
Bill Hull, teacher and writer, Bill Hull Ministries
“The strength of Doug Greenwold’s book is the way in which he carefully explores the first-century context of Jesus’ ministry and then draws out often-missed insights to make practical suggestions for how disciples are made in our time. This is an important study and deserves wide discussion in Christian leadership circles.”
John Bernbaum, President, Russian-American Christian University in Moscow<
“Doug Greenwold has the unique ability to bring the Bible to life by placing it in its original historical and cultural context. The result in Making Disciples Jesus’ Way is a thought-provoking exploration of what it means to be a follower of Christ and to fulfill his command to ‘make disciples of all nations.”
Jeffery C. Geoghegan, author, The Bible for Dummies

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