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Missions Emphasis Sunday Details

Let’s turn the world on its head…or at least our Sunday morning schedule!

On October 26, we will focus our morning on getting personally involved in missions. It will be an unusual Sunday for us, starting with our schedule. Normally we have Sunday School at 9:00, then our worship service at 10:30. On October 26, we will flip that schedule. Our worship service will begin at 9:00 and have a strong missions emphasis, including a message from Jimmy Dodd. After a 10-minute break,

we will have 2 breakout sessions where you can learn more about opportunities to be engaged in specific ministries that Westbrooke supports. Eight different ministries will be presented, and you’ll have an opportunity to learn about 2 of them.

Children will stay on the same schedule as usual, so plan to take them to Sunday School at 9:00. Younger ones will have children’s church at the normal time, while older ones may want to participate in the learning opportunities.

Here’s a brief description of the 8 ministries :

At Our Back Door

• Carry the Cross in KCK: God is using Carry the Cross to bring the light of the gospel into a spiritually dark neighborhood.

• City Union Mission in KCMO: City Union Mission offers services that help poor and homeless men, women and youth in the Kansas City area lead happier, healthier and more spiritually fulfilling lives.

The Mission Field Has Come to Us

• Mission Adelante in KCK: Fostering a growing multicultural community of disciples making disciples, where immigrants and others are thriving and using our gifts together to transform our neighborhood and the world for the glory of Jesus Christ.

• Ministering to Muslims Among Us: Led by one of Westbrooke’s core missionaries, with extensive experience in ministry to Muslims, this session will explore approaches to ministering to Muslims in our community.

Beyond KC

• All In One Church in Haiti: Learn about our relationship with our sister church in Haiti, and how you can be involved.

• Sending Project: Building missional awareness, community, and collaboration among a diversity of churches in KC.

The Why and the How

• Perspectives Class: Get a whole new “perspective” on God’s heart for the nations. Find out about the course and how to take it in Spring 2015.

• Serving as Senders: How can we encourage missionaries?? Join us in the discussion and learn more about Westbrooke’s core missionaries!

We hope you’re looking forward to this chance to learn how you can be part of

Westbrooke’s work to let God transform the world.

Service Times

Please Join us on Sunday Mornings
Sunday School: 9:00am
Main Service: 10:30am

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