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Missions Program and Purpose at Westbrooke

We believe that our ultimate purpose as believers in Jesus Christ is to bring glory to the name of our God. Through missions and outreach God allows His people to be involved in fulfilling this purpose by reaching out to the lost with the redeeming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We seek to engage, encourage, and stimulate the entire Westbrooke body – individually and as a unified corporate body – to be involved in this work for God’s kingdom.
  • We seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in our neighborhood, in Johnson County, in the Kansas City metropolitan area, in the United States, and in various parts of the world.
  • We especially desire to reach out the poor, to those who are downtrodden and marginalized by society, seeking to meet a broad range of needs for those we serve spiritual, physical, and financial.
  • We support a set of “core” missionaries who are involved in long-term missions, as well as many associated with Westbrooke who are doing short-term missions work.

To find out more about missions and outreach at Westbrooke and how you can be involved, please contact Stan Rice at 913-492-9045 or sricejhawk@gmail.com


Westbrooke missions service activities

  • Staffing of Summer Camp CUMCITO
  • Volunteering at City Union Mission
  • Donation drives for Adelante Thrift
  • Volunteering at Mission Adelante or Adelante Thrift
  • Sister church relationship with All In One church in Haiti
  • Short term mission trips


Westbrooke Core Missions and Missionaries

Missionary: Judy Keith
Location: KC metro area
Ministry: Barnabas International  (Mu Kappa Ministry to college age Missionary Kids in the US)
*Judy attends Westbrooke
For more information, contact: __________

Missionary: Glenda Conner
Location: Atlanta, GA
Ministry: Pioneers USA (Ministry to members of unreached people groups who live here in the US)
*Westbrooke is Glenda’s sending church
For more information, contact: Cathy Bartholow, ____________

Missionary: (Name not shown)
Location: SE Asia
Ministry: Teaching English, children’s ministries
*Westbrooke is this person’s sending church
For more information, contact:

Missionary: Jonathan and Hannah Taussig
Location: KCK
Ministry: Engedi (Bringing hope through a relationship with Jesus to a neighborhood)
*Westbrooke is the Taussigs’ sending church, and they attend Westbrooke
For more information, contact: ___________

Missionary: John and Tessa Gillespie
Location: Overland Park, KS (and the world)
Ministry: Global Training Network (Training Majority World church planters, pastors, and Christian leaders)
*The Gillespies attend Westbrooke
For more information, contact: _________

Missionary: Laura Luce
Location: Florence, SC
Ministry: Operation Mobilization Ships (Ensuring that ships are prayed for, fully staffed, and fully funded)
*Westbrooke is Laura’s sending church
For more information, contact: Nina Sullivan, ________________

Missionary: Clint Hall
Location: Overland Park, KS
Ministry: The Sending Project (Building missional awareness, community, and collaboration among a diversity of churches in the KC Metro area)
*Clint is Pastor Emeritus at Westbrooke, and Westbrooke is his sending church
For more information, contact: _______________

Mission: City Union Mission
Location: Kansas City, MO
Ministry: Sharing the gospel and meeting needs of the poor and homeless, providing year round youth ministry and community assistance
*Westbrooke has a long history of supporting City Union Mission is various ways
For more information, contact: _______________ Nancy? Lorraine?

Missionary: David and Holly Stetler
Location: Kansas City, KS
Ministry: Mission Adelante (Making disciples by serving, sharing life, and sharing Jesus with people from other places)
For more information, contact: Tom Willhite, ________________

Service Times

Please Join us on Sunday Mornings
Sunday School: 9:00am
Main Service: 10:30am

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