Westbrooke Church

New website launches!

Welcome to the latest iteration of the Westbrooke website. This is version 3 since I’ve been working on it, if anyone is keeping track. As we see more and more traffic to the site and more people learning about Westbrooke online before coming in the door, I’m hoping that this new layout lets us present the info they’re looking for cleanly and quickly.

The things that most people come here to find are information on what we believe, who our pastors and staff are, what our church looks like, and what our sermons have been about lately. If you want all of that in a nutshell, our about us page covers it pretty quickly.

If you come across something that needs to be updated, looks funny, works weirdly or  doesn’t work at all, please let me know by filling out a quick feedback form.

We’ll be adding some more tweaks and fixes, along with new content to the site shortly. If you have an idea, let me know.



Service Times

Please Join us on Sunday Mornings
Sunday School: 9:00am
Main Service: 10:30am

9777 Antioch Rd
Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 888-4750