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Notes from the family meeting

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the family meeting on Sunday!  Attached please find the vision statement and overview that we discussed and handed out at the meeting. 

Of course, it takes more than a single meeting to understand a vision.  The elders are happy to discuss the vision in small group meetings or other forums.  Feel free to contact me or any of the other elders with questions.

For those who were unable to attend, here’s a recap of our discussion from the family meeting:

What Is A Church Vision?

All churches have the same mission, as all Christians are members of one church!  God made each of us – and each local church body – unique.  A vision for a local church is a specific emphasis or focus based on the unique plan God has for that group of believers.  A vision exists for a season, and can change over time as we continue to follow God’s will

Finding Our Vision

God has been speaking to many at Westbrooke.  Over the past year, He has led us to a number of important components for our vision.  These components are loving one another, discipling, outreach, and teaching the truth.

Loving One Another

Many of us have deep relationships here, but we are divided into groups.  As we studied Ephesians, however, we saw how God has called us to be like a family.  This picture naturally brings everyone together, regardless of age or other typical factors that draw people together.

The need to form these deep relationships have affected our ability to appeal to young adults.  Younger generations are more relationship-oriented, and we haven’t been attracting them to Christ’s family.

This need is not just for our younger members.  All of us need a place to be known and loved for who we are – faults and all.  We must develop an environment in which we deal openly and honestly with the issues we’re all facing, and support each other as we grow in Christ.


We all have gifts from God, including both spiritual gifts and life experience.  God has done something special at Westbrooke, and wants us to share it broadly!  To do so, Westbrooke must become intentional in discipleship, investing deeply in others.


We all came to know Jesus through another believer, someone (or likely many people) who shared the good news with us and helped us to get to know Jesus.  Jesus called all of us to witness to others, regardless of our specific gifts.  Members of this congregation have many wonderful ministries, but we don’t minister to the public as a church body.  What would happen in Kansas City if we learned to reach out to the people here as a unified body of Christ?

Teaching the Truth

Westbrooke has stood out as a church of mature believers that know the truth.  As we have all seen, God’s word is under attack throughout the world and it is our responsibility not only to learn the truth, but to teach and defend the word of God.

What is Our Vision Statement?

“To glorify God by seeking Christ-centered transformation for ourselves, our community, and the world”

Our chief goal is to glorify God in all that we do.  We will do so by seeking Christ-centered transformation.  Why do we refer to this as transformation?  Because following Christ is not a self-improvement program, but rather a radical redefinition of our lives that will serve as a witness to all those around us.  We also seek this transformation for everyone in our community, and the entire world!

Next Steps

It will take some time to make sure everyone understands where we’re going.  The elders will follow up with additional BodyLife emails, teaching, etc. and would also be happy to attend small group meetings.


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