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One Family in Haiti Church Update

Westbrooke has been partnered with our sister church in Haiti, One Family, since 2013. The church’s full name is “All In One Family in Christ Jesus”, and while many called them “All In One” for a while, they have come to call themselves “One Family”, which represents their core belief that all Christians are members of a single church and are all part of the same body of Christ.

In coming alongside their ministry, Westbrooke’s generous support has made it possible for One Family to take on many ministry opportunities. As they have grown and become a strong church, God has begun to use them to form, support, and train an ever-expanding group of churches in Haiti and beyond including mountain churches in Garraud and Maissade, a church in Baptiste, several other churches in Haiti, a church in Cuba, and a new church that has formed in Chile!

A core ministry that One Family provides to these churches is the equipping of their leadership to teach and preach the gospel. They also provide other needs as they arise. Along these lines, the church at One Family recently traveled to two of the mountain churches they support in Garraud and Maissade. These churches have had many members suffering from sickness, so One Family coordinated with a group out of Minneapolis to put together a mobile clinic and travel up the mountain to visit each church.

While they are there, One Family will also be checking in on one of the programs they started with these churches. They have given each church 10 female goats to be cared for by 10 church members. These church members keep them until they have kids – at which point the church member gets to keep half of the kids and give the other half to other church members. This is designed to give these impoverished people jobs and to provide food for church members. Trips like these are part of an ongoing schedule for One Family including annual mission trips in July and August, and their annual Croisade (yes, Crusade – the good kind) in August.

There are many things to pray for at One Family. In running an orphanage for years, One Family has raised a number of strong Christian men. Unfortunately, jobs are very scarce in Haiti at this time, making their futures uncertain as they graduate and enter the workforce. During our last trip to Haiti one such young man, Enelle, was preparing to leave and has since done so. He moved to Chile to get a job. On the bright side, he is not only doing well, but he has started a church there! It is a One Family church, and already has 50 members.

Please pray for these people as they spread the word, plant churches, help their community, and raise families in a country that is so poor that both they – and their children as they grow – struggle to find jobs and get enough to eat.
If God is leading you to do more than just pray, the church has put forward two specific needs.
First, the church loves music, and they have been asking if anyone has (or could provide) a tenor saxophone. This would be for the children at One Family.

Another need that has been present for some time is to help the church at Maissade to construct a church building! This little mountain church has operated for years both teaching the word and teaching children without an effective church building and is praying for a modest structure to facilitate their service. The entire building would cost under $15,000, but this amount of money is far out of reach of this small, impoverished mountain church without help.

Our core ministry to One Family is to support their school. However, if you also feel led to help with either of these additional needs, please contact the church office. In any case, please pray for our friends at One Family. One Family benefits greatly from your prayers, which are always the first thing they mention when we ask about their needs. Pastor Kesnel asked us to remind you that they are always praying for everyone at Westbrooke Church!

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