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According to studies performed by the Barna Research group, fewer than one in ten Americans possess a biblical worldview.  One such study found that:

  • Only 34% of American adults believe that moral truth is absolute
  • The majority of adults in American believe that it is possible to earn your way to heaven through good behavior
  • Only one in four American adults believe that Satan is a real being

As believers, we have been given many gifts through the Holy Spirit.  One gift that is particularly evident at Westbrooke is our knowledge of scripture.  In a world that has been ravaged by sin, and in a post-Christian country that is continuing to edge further and further away from its Christian heritage, it is more important than ever for Christians to teach and proclaim the word of God!

Westbrooke already has a strong foundation as a bible-believing, teaching church.  However, Westbrooke must seek out ways to further use our gifts in this area to help stem the increasing tide of biblical illiteracy.

What It Means to Us

Though everyone at Westbrooke is not called to be a teacher, we are all called to study the bible and to witness to others when the opportunity arises.  This can be accomplished if we:

Continue to learn the word of God.  Ongoing study of the word is an important aspect of every Christian’s life.  Regular study keeps God’s truth in the forefront of our minds, helping us to respond appropriately to day-to-day struggles and preparing us to share the gospel.

Seek opportunities and venues to teach the word of God.   As Christians, we should be ready and willing to discuss the word of God in everyday settings ranging from the break room at work to the kitchen table at home.  These activities strengthen fellow Christians and plant seeds in the minds of anyone around us who does not know Christ.

Find new ways to communicate biblical truth to our community.  Over the past 50 years, as America settled into its current status as a post-Christian nation, Americans have increasingly come to believe that the bible is inaccurate and no longer relevant.  True knowledge is now believed to be found primarily in science, which many believe often “trumps” the bible.  Despite these commonly held beliefs, however, philosophy, science and psychology have been unsuccessful in explaining the meaning of life, or even in giving life any meaning at all!  As Christians we must take the time to understand how the people around us think, and combine this understanding with a clear knowledge of the bible to help our friends and neighbors to recognize the “God-sized hole” in their lives.


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