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This Sunday, August 10, is our target date for renewing our commitment to help the All in One church with their school for orphans and neighborhood children. As a reminder, our support provides tuition funds that make it possible for kids to go to school for the entire school year, focusing on learning vs. fearing that they will have to drop out or miss parts of the year. For the 2013-14 school year, 200 kids who had not been able to go to school got a new opportunity to attend because of our support. We are also hoping to provide some nutrition for each student while they are at school each day. And during the last year, there was an unanticipated benefit to All In One, in that our support freed up church leadership to pursue ministry beyond the school and the orphans. What is happening at All In One is an awesome demonstration of God’s working through our willingness to give, in ways that exceed what we imagined.

Many of you have already pledged your support for the next school year, and we are rejoicing because of your generous hearts. The pledges already in are approximately half of the goal of $48,000 for the 2014-15 year. If you have not indicated yet what God is leading you to give toward this need, this Sunday is the time. There will be pledge forms available with bulletins.

A Westbrooke attender asked a good question last week, and we would like to answer it for the whole body, as others may be wondering the same thing. The need for support is $36,000 for tuition relief (teacher salaries and other costs defrayed by us vs. tuition from parents who can’t afford it). The cost of food for the students is estimated at $12,000. Those 2 components add to our target of $48,000. We told you that Haitian government policy has made it very difficult to find a food solution, and that’s still not resolved. The question that was asked is, “What happens to that $12,000? Does it just go into a ‘slush fund’ where we don’t know how it’s spent?” A very good question, and no, the $12,000 does not go into a slush fund. Until the food source is resolved, Global Orphan Project will invoice us only for the tuition relief. Other money that is given but not spent on food will be available for us to support other All In One needs. And we have a policy in place, where the uses of those funds will be defined before we send funds, and accounted for afterward. We want you to know that there are appropriate controls in place.

Thanks again for your generosity, and we are looking forward to what God will do through Westbrooke to advance the gospel in Haiti.

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