Westbrooke Church

Vacation Bible School 2014!

We are so excited to announce that Westbrooke Church will be hosting a summer Vacation Bible School program this summer!


Vacation Bible School starts July 28th and goes until August 1st from 9am to 12pm
Ages 4 years old through 6th grade


If you have items you are willing to lend to VBS for the week, please email Katherine Rutzmoser at katherinerutz@gmail.com.

*We will have childcare for children 0-3 for VBS volunteers only this year. If you are a volunteer, please send an e-mail to Helen Stutterheim (helen@stutterheims.com) with the form information listed below, or contact Helen Stutterheim or Katherine Rutzmoser in person.


We need the following items donated this year. If you feel led to donate please place the items in the collection tub labeled “VBS” in the foyer.

20 newspapers
15 rubber bands
3 bags of large marshmallows
swimming flippers (2-3 pairs)
100 count Dixie cups
15 large tumblers
5 large sponges
10 five gallon buckets
candy (150 count)
3 plastic bats
15 bouncy balls
3 large inflatable balloons
5 spray bottles
Fruit snacks – 10 boxes
Maraschino cherries – 6 jars
Vanilla frosting – 5 cans
Chocolate frosting – 5 cans
Twizzlers red pull-apart licorice – 3 bags
M&Ms plain – 3 large bags
Colored sprinkles/jimmies – 8 bottles/tubs
Colored sugar (yellow) – 8 bottles/tubs
Cinnamon – 2 spice containers
Lime Jello – 10 boxes
Cool Whip – 4 tubs

God has blessed us with so many children this year that we have reached the maximum number of registrants that our volunteers can safely care for. Unfortunately, this means that we must close registration for the Westbrooke Vacation Bible School program this year so that we are able to provide the best experience for the children that have already registered. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Katherine Rutzmoser (VBS Director) at 913-710-2386 or katherinerutz@gmail.com.

Service Times

Please Join us on Sunday Mornings
Sunday School: 9:00am
Main Service: 10:30am

9777 Antioch Rd
Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 888-4750